I’m a Busy Bee at the mo…

It’s been a while since i’ve posted on here, I’ve been super busy working on new books for the Bolognia book fair at the end of the month, alongside some other brilliant projects.

Some great stuff has been happening lately though that I just wanted to share…

The little Illustration collective that I’m part of has an exhibition up at Cherryleaf coffee house in Norwich all this month. It looks fab, and i’m dead proud to be part of a group of such lovely talented and organised people. We all took a classic book, and re-designed the cover art. They’ve come out brilliantly and everyone has done a fab job.

Pic from Cherryleaf Website

Kellee drew us a brilliant sandwich board:

Pic from Kellee Rich

One of mine – Hansel and Gretel – All framed up – I couldn’t resist seeing what it looked like in the frame.

My re-design of Hansel and Gretel

We all posed for cheesy pictures after the hanging too…

… and the Juniper tree
The Beasts

It’s on until the end of the month at Cherryleaf Coffee House – www.coffeehousenorwich.co.uk
We’re also selling prints of each of the artworks, along with postcard packs featuring all 14 pieces.

They’re available at Cherryleaf, or online via Etsy: http://etsy.me/1nCqWAH

You can find out more about Beast! Norwich at:

Website: http://beastnorwich.wordpress.com
Facebook: BEASTNorwich
Twitter: @BeastNorwich

I’m also gearing up to take part in Clutter city on the 15th March, I’ve got some new bits and bobs to share with the world. … More on that soon!

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