10 Things i’ve learned on my freelance journey so far…

It’s pretty much 4 years since I went freelance now. It’s been a brilliant, rewarding experience, and I couldn’t imagine going back to working a ‘proper’ job. I’ve learned a lot since I started out, so I figured it might be a good time to round-up a few of the things I’ve learned so far: Working fromContinue reading “10 Things i’ve learned on my freelance journey so far…”


Freelance life – 3 years in.

Once again, it’s been a while since I wrote anything on here. My blog has been somewhat neglected in favour of social media lately – If you’ve been following me on social media, you’ve probably seen a lot of what I’ve been up to. A lot has happened in the last 18 months, both onContinue reading “Freelance life – 3 years in.”

Freelance – A Year In

Just over a year ago, I finally took the plunge and ventured out into the big, scary world of the freelancer. Despite it being something I’d been considering for a while, the security of having a full-time job kept me from taking that initial leap. In spring 2012 however, the recession finally took its tollContinue reading “Freelance – A Year In”